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How right you are. It reminds me of the outrage expressed by Senator Kennedy when news of the mining of the Nicaraguan harbors (with non-lethal devices) broke in the press. The State Dept guy in charge of Latin America at the time, Tony Motley, sat and listened to TK emote for a while and then said “just remember one thing, Senator. More people died at Chappaquiddick than in Puerta Managua.” Of course the committee had been briefed over and over again, but the press wasn’t interested in pointing fingers at the Democratic legislators, any more than they are today.

People with children and spouses fighting terrorists around the world have no trouble understanding what is going on here; it’s a systematic attempt to destroy the Bush presidency, regardless of the cost to the nation or to the cause of liberty on the planet. It’s disgusting.

Me, I’m for investigating the NY Times. Let’s see how tough they are on Judy Miller once the likes of Risen are hauled in front of a grand jury…