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An interesting factoid to mull over :

Published: Sunday, 18 December, 2005, 08:34 AM Doha Time

BERLIN: More than 1,000 people converted to Islam in Germany this year, the highest figure on record, and the majority were women who were not married to a Muslim, according to a report this week.

“This is a considerable rise,” Salim Abdullah, the director of the Central Institute of Islamic Archives in Germany, told the Berliner Zeitung newspaper. The Institute said its statistics showed that 14,352 of the 3.2mn Muslims in Germany are of German descent.

More than 60% of the converts to Muslim are women and most of them are “university-educated and affluent”, Abdullah said. Only a small percentage converted to Islam as a result of marrying a Muslim. – AFP

The numbers involved are pretty small, and one would like to know how many Muslims left the faith in the same period. But even so, these women worry me. Reminds me of a well known American female journalist who, at the time of the Iranian revolution, was quoted as saying “I feel more feminine in a chador than in a miniskirt.” And, contrary to what you’re now thinking, she looked great in the miniskirt.


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