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Broken Record, Continued


This is the commander in chief commanding a room of the press corp, from the press conference today:

QUESTION: Sir, the other…

BUSH: You asked a multiple-part question.

QUESTION: Yes, I did.

BUSH: Thank you for violating the multiple-part question rule.

I didn’t know there was a law on that.


BUSH: There’s not a law.


It’s an executive order.


In this case, not monitored by the Congress.


Nor is there any administrative oversight.


QUESTION: Well, without breaking any laws, back on domestic spying. Making the case for that, can you give us some example…

BUSH: Oh, I got you. Yes, sorry.

No, I’m not going to talk about that, because it would help give the enemy notification and/or perhaps signal to them methods and uses and sources. And we’re not going to do that.


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