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A smart friend writes in to support the call by Mark Levin and me for an investigation of the leaks to Jim Risen et al:

Forget about prosecuting anyone for now. Justice should set
up a special full time grand jury, meeting five days a week, to
questions everyone connected in any way with the leak, including
congressional staffers and elected officials. Everyone gets a
grant of immunity for any underlying crimes before testifying.
The only thing they can be prosecuted for is perjury.

It would take about an hour to put each person on record against
future perjury charges. Do you know reporter x? Did you talk with
reporter x, what was the nature of your conversation etc. etc.

Witness are required, as a condition of employment by the CIA, to
reveal their testimory to CIA counsel. Those who leaked have
three options. They can refuse to testify and be held in
contempt, since immunity has been granted and fifth amendment
protections are irrelevant, at which point the CIA has grounds
for dismi ssing them. They can tell the truth, admit to leaking,
and be fired . Or they can lie and hope that Riesen and company
won’t give them up after sitting in jail for six months. Most
will probably tell the truth and resign their positions.

The point here is that instead of dragging this thru the legal
system for years, the whole issue could most likely be resolved
in a matter of weeks. The removal of these employees would have
a powerful deterrent effect as well.

(me again). Actually either of the two aptly named “oversight” committees could do this, taking care to swear in the witnesses and then immunizing them. hoHO, as Allah would say (where the hell IS allahpundit anyway?)