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So let’s review. We’ve got a documentary on polyamory out at art cinemas
now, and slated for BRAVO in the spring. HBO is about to run a dramatic
series about a polygamous family. Polyamory has been getting some serious
publicity in the New York and the San Francisco regions. And don’t even
get me started on Europe. (If I’d said a couple of years ago that all this
would be happening by 2005, nobody would have believed me.) I covered this
ground on The Corner this week, and in “Here Come the Brides.” But I’ve left out Canada, which I’ll cover today.

In an article called “Stuck on youse,” Maclean’s, Canada’s main news magazine, suggests that polyamory is on the
rise up north. To a degree, the increased visibility of Canadian polyamory
was stimulated by a 2002 documentary, “When Two Won’t Do,” by Montreal
polyamorists. So the process seems to be repeating itself here, with the
premiere of Three of Hearts. The Maclean’s article clearly takes the side
of polyamorists against critics. And although Canadian polyamorists claim
that they are not seeking legalized group marriage, they are already
talking about a system of legal contracts around issues like child custody
and family rights. Does anyone believe their political program is going to
stop there?


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