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Doubtful Pleasures


Yeah, yeah, the War Nerd, I know–and the feud with VDH and all, sure,
got it. I have to confess, though, I read to the end of all his
pieces. He’s at the top of his form in this latest piece, writing
about the Japanese Red Army


“Maybe this means the ol’ Banzai spirit is coming back to Japan. God,
that’d be great. The Japanese were among the world’s greatest
soldiers, fliers and sailors until they lost heart in 1945. Can’t
blame them for that, I guess; nukes are a real bummer, no denying it.
Millions of dead scattered from the Coral Sea to the Aleutians, Tokyo
reduced to burnt bones and ash-it’d get anybody down.

“But c’mon, my noble Nipponese warrior pals, it’s been fifty years.
You’ve been good too long, like the bumpersticker says. Let’s shine
those bayonets, dust off those maps of Manchuria, rethink Australia’s
coastal defenses! Let’s be Japanese again, not just confused
spiky-haired tourists and girls who won’t wear anything but black!”


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