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I have a fair amount to say about New York City in “Here Come the Brides.”
Some of the articles I refer to are worth a look. Most interesting of all, I think, is this big investigative story on polyamory from New York Magazine. One of the fascinating things about this piece is the light it casts on the famous question, “How could someone else’s marriage/relationship make me leave my wife?” I gave my own answer in “The Libertarian Question.” But the fascinating thing about this New York Magazine piece is that it gives a real-world example in which a guy named Nick opens up his marriage under the influence of his non-monogamous friend William.

In any case, the real interest of the New York Magazine piece is it’s portrayal of a social milieu in which traditional aspirations to monogamy are being consciously cast aside. And here’s the Guardian’s breathless report on polyamory in America–which is really a report on growing polyamory consciousness in New York City.


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