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Uga Drinking


Two reports:


The student drinking at UGA probably has decreased over the last 15 years. When I left undergrad in 1990, huge fraternity parties were the norm. When I finished law school (after a stint in the Army) in 1997, you could tell that the kids didn’t party as hard. Part of the change has been the increase in admissions requirements. UGA is no longer the State school for the fun loving C+ student. For years they’ve been trying to turn UGA into another UVA or UNC which means more women, smarter kids and less Animal House antics. Still, that panel was stacked. I go back several times each Fall for home football games and see plenty of people paying homage to their buddies Jim and Jack. Best regards, Tom


My daughter is a freshman at University of Georgia. I have visited her a couple times for football weekends. We talked about the issue of alcohol abuse on campus long before this story ran.

Here is the perspective that floored me. She says that in here circle (sorority & dormitory) that drinking is occasional and she would not at all characterize it as extensive. In fact she says that it is much less prevalent the alcohol and drug abuse she observed at her up-scale suburban High School.

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