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Hope and Despair


Climbing out of the mountain of gift wrap, I note that David Green of the think tank Civitas notes that patriotism is becoming intellectually respectable again in the UK. And a good thing too.

Meanwhile, Civitas has just published another must-read, The Poverty of Multiculturalism, which contains a magnificent foreward by Professor Kenneth Minogue that observes that Tony Blair’s Britain is now slave to a “dictatorship of virtue”:

It has clamped onto us a dictatorship of virtue whose like has not been seen since Cromwell’s major generals took us over. Its effect has been to create in Britain a corporate state, in which the government presides over a set of corporations constituted of politically correct categories. An actual vote means less and less in Britain, but the voice of these corporations is increasingly heard in the land, and its tones are becoming increasingly inescapable.”

Patriotism and knowledge of the past are handy weapons against such a state. If the British people learn that lesson, one that Americans know well, Blair’s alien style of government may yet be rejected.


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