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Jeff Hart’s Column


On Jeff Hart’s piece: I do agree that some of Jeff’s points are
vitiated by his having played fast and loose with the word “utopian.”
His anti-Wilsonian arguments need looking at again, too. As I
understand actual Wilsonianism, it would have divided Iraq into three
separate nations by now. I do think Jeff is right about the place of
abortion in America’s future, though too kind on Roe v. Wade as a
judicial imposition. For all its faults, though, this is the kind of
piece we all like to read and hope to write — a piece that gets
people talking.

As a founder member, with Tom Wolfe and Jonah Goldberg, of the
We-Really-Need-A-New-Metaphysics school of modern conservatism

I was disappointed in Jeff’s suggestion: “What the time calls for is
a recovery of the great structure of metaphysics, with the
Resurrection as its fulcrum, established as history, and interpreted
through Greek philosophy.”

We are, for better or worse, long, long past the point where a
metaphysics can be grounded in the tenets of Christianity even taken
in their most general interpretation. We are even further past the
point where an event like the Resurrection, which does not meet the
evidentiary standards modern man has become accustomed to — in law
and, especially, in science — can serve as a “fulcrum” for a general
outlook on our place in the universe. It may do so for individual
Christians, of course; but the common understanding we Metacons seek
should find favor with the one-fifth to one-quarter of our people (not
to mention much higher proportions of our intellectual elites, and of
our fellow Western Civ brethren in Europe and elsewhere) who are not


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