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The Finger


Many thanks to numerous readers of my December Diary who emailed in to
express concern about my finger. Exsanguination has now ceased and
there are no signs of infection, so I assume it is to be nothing but
steady healing from now on.

A different (mostly) cohort of readers was not so much concerned with
inquiring about my finger as in giving me one of theirs. I brought
this on myself with my anti-C.S. Lewis remarks. The most imaginative
of these critics, to whom I hereby award one of my virtual prizes,
bundled up several of my recent themes in a suggestion that I (a) be
executed for my Lewisophobia, (b) by my antique table saw, in the
expectation that I shall (c) be made whole again at the Resurrection.
All together now, Hank Williams fans:

On that Resurrection mornin’

When all dead in Christ shall rise,

I’ll have a new body

(Praise the Lord!)

I’ll have a new life….