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The New Dem Spin On Iraq


Since Murthamania went the way of the Bay City Rollers, elected Democrats need a new line on Iraq. And they’ve found one. They’re against our staying in Iraq indefinitely, and let me tell you, they don’t care who knows it. They’re standing tall against all those who say America should stay in Iraq forever. Richard Durbin just said as much on CNN’s “Late Edition,” while in early December, Hillary Rodham Clinton put it this way: “I disagree with those who believe we should pull out, and I disagree with those who believe we should stay without end.”

This may be the lamest Dem spin yet — since there’s no one I know who believes “we should stay without end” and since the administration is all but chomping at the bit to reduce troop levels.

Come on, guys, you gotta be able to do better than this! Give us something to work with here! With political argument this pedestrian, Democrats on foreign policy are starting to look like the Washington Generals playing the Harlem Globetrotters.


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