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Crunchy Cons: The Contagion Spreads


Writing in the London Sunday Times Rod says that he may have found a ‘crunchy con’ in the shape of new Tory leader David Cameron. My fear, of course, is that he may well be right.

Whatever one thinks about that prospect, however, it is disturbing that Cameron seems to be joining Prince Charles and other, um, leading scientists on the ‘organic’ food bandwagon. Is there a difference between industrially-produced food and that which is grown or reared more naturally? Of course, but whether something is, or is not, ‘organic’ is an entirely different question. In fact it is, nutritionally speaking, a meaningless term, a beguiling mix of junk science and clever marketing, with implications only for the premium price the ‘o’ label always carries, perfect as a metaphor for Tony Blair’s Labour, but less appropriate, one would hope, for the Conservatives.


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