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Dissing Thatcher


David Cameron, the new Tory leader, has been quoted as saying that he wants to ditch Thatcherism. Well, maybe that is just necessary humbug, the sort of mood music the man has to play if he is to have a hope of winning the next election. Maybe. I’m not convinced.

Writing over at Once More Unto The Breach, the EU serf, isn’t either. Worse, he’s not even sure that Mr. Cameron knows what Thatcherism was – or what it achieved. He goes on to give his own interpretation of what the Iron Lady did. It’s possible to disagree with some of what he has to say, but not with this:

“The only alternative to the legacy of Thatcherism is a continuation of Tony Blair’s nanny state…there is nothing remotely compassionate or altruistic about it. Moreover, there is nothing remotely Conservative about it either.”