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Re: Calling Mr. Dreher


From one reader:

Re Dreher’s Times’ piece: I’ve corresponded with Rod, share some of his views and greatly admire the passion and clarity he brings in stating the conservative case (especially today where many ‘on the right’ seem to be more ‘on the rote)’. And, my wife’s a journalist and author, so I appreciate the need to gin up publicity for an upcoming book launch. But if this Times column is truly representative of Crunchy Con, Rod’s taken a seriously wrong turn, to wit:

1) “‘it really does take a village to raise a child’ (And when the parents disagree with the village?)

2) “Humankind will always seek after the good, the true, the beautiful, and will not long be satisfied without it.” (Wholly contradicted by the historical record of…HUMANkind?..oh dear. Perhaps that should be ‘her-storical record’)

3) ” the essence of civilization is not in a multiplication of wants but in the purification of human character’. That’s a conservative truth that we on the right have forgotten.” (Deeply shocking. Rod can’t mean this. This sentiment is not some warmed-over ’60’s “Abraham, Martin and John” cant – its straight “Vladimir, Adolf and Mao”)

The emphasis on collectivism, the pursuit of the ‘good, the true, the beautiful’, ‘the purification of human character’, informed by Catholic philosophy – these are the shibboleths of an attenuated liberation theology.

From another:


Dreher claims conservatives have lost respect for authority, families, communities, and generations past and future.

Dreher’s solution – legislate new economic and social policies.

Quick, Rod, explain yourself, lest your many fans (among whom, as you know, I most definitely count myself) start to worry that you’re…drifting away.


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