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Calling Mr. Dreher Once Again


A couple of suggestions for you, Rod. From one reader:

A great first step would be to meaningfully raise the dependent tax exemption above $3,100. I have four children so I’m arguing my own position here, but: (1) the real value of the dependent exemption was much higher in the 1950s and 1960s than today, and (2) all western societies, including the U.S., face a demographic problem created by declining fertility rates.

I recognize that the notion of “financial incentives” to raise fertility rates is controversial, but it’s definitely worth a try.

From a second:

[What should Rod Dreher advocate?] The answer is so very simple.

An “ownership society”. When a couple owns
something they paid for themselves, like a home for example, they take pride
in it and take care of it. Then they don’t want to leave it. Then change
Social Security so workers own their retirement fund and can watch it grow
and leave it as a legacy to their heirs. Then change the Tax Code to a flat
tax so you don’t see the super wealthy Kennedy’s and Kerry’s pay lower rates
then the average “Middle Class” taxpayers who don’t have legions of lawyers
or legislative input into the tax loopholes.


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