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“Why Are Conservatives So Afraid?”


In a stunning new statement, the enormously influential left-wing blogger Markos Moulitsas attacks the very basis for the war on terror, attributing American efforts to prevent future terrorist attacks not to national security concerns but to…conservative cowardice. In a piece entitled “Why are conservatives so afraid?”, Moulitsas argues that conservatives simply aren’t man enough to stand up to another terrorist attack, and therefore infringe on American civil liberties to save their own skins. “These blowhard pretend to be macho,” Moulitsas writes, “even as they piddle on themselves in abject terror from every ‘boo’ that comes out of Osama bin Laden’s mouth.”

This is not the statement of some fringe blogger. Moulitsas is closely connected to the Democratic party leadership; according to a recent article in the Washington Monthly, Moulitsas speaks regularly with the staffs of Rep. Rahm Emmanuel, head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (and occasionally with Reid himself). Moulitsas also, shortly after the 2004 election, addressed the Senate Democratic caucus on the issue of making blogging part of the Democratic political strategy. He is not speaking as an outsider when he writes:

When our nation was founded, we had men of real character and courage fighting for their nascent America, one in which liberty and freedom trumped the authorative tendencies of the monarchy. Patrick Henry gave words to those efforts:

“Give me liberty or give me death!”

My, how far we have fallen, with an administration that parlays the incessant fear of its supporters into increased authoritativeness [sic] to the point where he now resembles the very despot we fought in our war of independence.

And his supporters bellow, as they cower under their beds:

“Here’s our liberties, just spare us from death!”

These blowhards pretend they are macho even as they piddle on themselves in abject terror from every “boo!” that comes out of Osama Bin Laden’s mouth. They like to speak about how tough they are, even though they send others to fight their battles and couldn’t last a day in places like Iraq, or Sudan, or the El Salvador of my youth, or any other war-torn nation….

The breathtaking cowardice of the 101st Fighting Keyboardists knows no bounds. They hide behind the American flag and our genuinely brave men and women in uniform. It’s bad enough that they wouldn’t deign to join the boots in the ground in Iraq. But now they make a mockery of our Constitution, for the very values that motivated our Founding Fathers to put their lives on the line to combat the unchecked powers of the British monarchy.

Moulitsas’s statement drew a positive response from his readers, some of whom see a useful political strategy in it. “Oooo, I LIKE this meme!” one wrote:

It has a Wesley Clark flavor to it. If you guys are so tough, why are you prancing around looking for a place to hide from the big-bad terrorists? Ooooo, SCARY! Poor little Americans, pissing themselves because some guys took out a couple of buildings. We all have to get our survival plans ready in case they attack again. Let’s give all our hard earned Freedom to Big Daddy George so he can tell us when we can use the john. Geez, Louise, you’d think Katrina would have snapped them out of it but the fraidy cats are still scared of those brown people with box cutters. You’re more likely to get swept away by a hurricane and where will Big Daddy George be then? Clearing brush on his ranch.


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