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Annie Wang


Sorry, the Annie Wang novel I linked to isn’t available till April, mine’s a reviewer’s galley. You might try her first book, Lili, which I confess I couldn’t get very far into. People’s Republic of Desire is different & better, a sort of Sex and the City with
high-end urban China (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen) as the
city. It’s way girly–lots of chatter about the surface of things,
how people look, upscale brand names, how she feels about the way he
feels about her feelings for him, etc., etc., lotsa Ally McBeal-type
whingeing about how hard it is for smart professional women to find
suitable men. Calling it a “novel” is a bit of a stretch, though.
It’s just autobiographical stuff, basically a diary. However, I am in
violation of the reviewer’s code here, talking about the thing before
it’s available, so I’d better shut up.


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