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It Takes a Village to Raise a Proverb


Derb may be doing Senator Rodham an injustice in casting aspersions on her inability to cite Shona chapter and Ubangi verse. In one of the less unreadable sections of Living History, she begins Chapter Two thus:

“What you don’t learn from your mother, you learn from the world” is a saying I once heard from the Masai tribe in Kenya.

Impressive. And she named the tribe! Though I couldn’t help wondering as I was reading: any tribesman in particular? Or maybe they all yelled it out in unison as her motorcade passed by…

Incidentally, if memory serves, that directive from Moscow to the British Communist Party was even funnier than Derb recalls. They were concerned that, while the top ranks of A-list Stalinists were doing a cracking job, the grass-roots organisations weren’t pulling their weight. Hence: “The lower organs of the party must make even greater efforts to penetrate the backward parts of the proletariat.”


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