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Krauthammer on Fox News Sunday on all the “scandals” involving the War on Terror:

There’s a great irony here. Everybody has been asking of
themselves for the last four years why haven’t we had a second attack, which
everybody expected within weeks or months, certainly years. It didn’t happen.

And we knew about the external story. The war in Afghanistan obviously had an
effect on Al Qaida. The war in Iraq has diverted terrorists and jihadists into
Iraq as opposed to attacking America.

But what we’ve heard over the last six months with these revelations, these
so-called scandals, of the secret prisons where high-level Al Qaida have been
held, the coercive interrogation which is under attack in the McCain amendment,
and now the NSA eavesdropping — we have the untold story which the
administration could not tell. It knew why we had been protected.

All these defensive measures of gathering intelligence — we were always weak
on human intelligence, and that’s why we had 9/11. And we don’t have good spies
inside Al Qaida. But we had a means, technological, in the NSA eavesdropping,
and also other means in capturing these terrorists, of getting information.

It’s worked. It’s held us safe. And that’s why I think in the end the
president’s going to win the whole argument on presidential power.


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