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In Defense of Organic


From a reader:

Dear Mr. Goldberg,
Love your work. That said- you are just plain wrong
about the whole foods thing. Like you, I used to be
real happy eating oreos and cheetos. I used to make a
casserole made mostly out of Doritos for dinner that
you would have just loved. Then my daughter and
Husband were diagnosed with an autoimmune disease- not
by a naturopath either, by a certified MD. He informed
us that because we live in Ohio, the amount of
pesticides put on our vegetables was part of what was
making them sick. We would have to go organic. We
would have to become whole food hippies, or watch her
continue to suffer. Kicking and screaming all the way,
we now shop at the revolting whole foods stores which
I agree are filled with appalling $6 bars of soap.
They are cram packed with trendy liberals and boomers
who come to enjoy the ambience of world music and
smugness. But I have become a reluctant believer. Are
there plenty of products labeled organic just for
marketing purposes? You bet- but since we switched to
more natural foods, my family is much healthier. I
have to agree with Warren Bell that it really is more
conservative to eat like our Grandparents did. This
isn’t a “trend”- those of us embracing this are
getting in on the ground floor. You are missing the
boat. Think of little Lucy! Do it for the children!!!

[Name withheld]

Me: Two points: 1) While I believe everything this nice lady says about her personal experience, let us remember that the plural of anecdote is not data.

2) I hereby decree with full Papal authority that each and every conservative who wants to be a crunchy conservative may do so with my blessing if they get a note from their doctor.