Re: in Defense of Organic

by Jonah Goldberg

Quite a few readers are deeply skeptical about my reader’s tale. A few examples:

“Then my daughter and Husband were diagnosed with an autoimmune
disease- not by a naturopath either, by a certified MD. He informed us
that because we live in Ohio, the amount of pesticides put on our
vegetables was part of what was making them sick.”

Baloney. the amount of pesticides used on vegetables is negligible and
she should have been rinsing them off anyway. Has she considered that
most organic foods are fertilized with organic fertilizer, a fertilizer
that comes from horses and cattle?

The lady might want to read some of the articles from Michael Fumento’s
website such as this one

From a post doctoral fellow in chemistry at a big research university:

Tell your emailer her(?) certified MD is a certified quack.

What epidemiological study was he citing? Which health effects
researcher found the linkage between pesticides and autoimmune disease?
What is the mechanism for pesticides to cause this autoimmune


Mr Goldberg,

if I may, I’d append another response to those that you made in response to the reader from Ohio:

3) switching from a diet of Doritos casserole to one with lots of vegetables is bound to make anyone healthier – regardless of whether the veggies come from Whole Foods or Kroger’s.

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