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Long Live Netflix


My wife and I hardly ever get to the
movies anymore, between my work schedule and the difficulty of
coordinating babysitting with her mom’s work schedule. Typical parent
stuff. We finally had a movie date for the first time in months last night, as was my wife’s birthday. Went to see Casanova. Cost of
tickets: $17. Cost of wife’s chicken salad sandwich and small bottle of
water: $12. Cost of my medium soda and a medium popcorn: $8. Cost of
never getting back those two hours of my life: priceless.

As we left the crappy movie, Julie said, “And that’s why we love
Netflix.” Hear, hear. You can’t replace the experience of seeing a film
on the big screen by watching it at home, but you can get close enough
for me. For people like us, it costs too much to take a chance on
seeing a mediocre movie. You risk that with Netflix, you’re out little
more than the cost of your time, and certainly less than a latte at
Starbucks. Mind you, we wouldn’t have felt the sting of the cost of
this evening nearly so much if we’d actually enjoyed the movie, but how
many movies these days are actually all that enjoyable?


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