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Last Night


What can you say except, “Wow, wow, wow”? It was a game that it was a privilege to be able to watch, and Vince Young was simply incredible–what athleticism, poise, and leadership. But I swear if USC had had about 30 more seconds to work with at the end, they probably would have tied it, and if they had had a minute they probably would have won (or, I should say given how last night went, re-taken the lead). It was a shame it had to end. Congrats Texas.

UPDATE: Some readers are taking the bit about USC scoring if they had more time, as the old “we didn’t lose, we ran out of time” excuse. For the record: I was mildly rooting for Texas, as the underdog. I was trying to make a point about the pace of scoring and the shifts in lead, not expressing a wish.


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