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The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science


Longtime NR contributor Tom Bethell has just published a superbly outrageous new book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science. Tom exposes the fraud, greed, self-dealing, and sheer humbug in the “science” of half a dozen topics, includingthe ban on DDT, cloning, and global warming. Does Tom take on Darwinism? Oh, indeed he does.

Evolutionists say that intelligent design does not rise to the level of a theory, and they may be right….If the advocates of design can invoke an invisible Designer, or God, who can prevail over all difficulties any time He wants and design any form of life at will, then we are more within the realm of magic than of science. If there is nothing that an Intelligent Designer cannot do, then the theory of intelligent design is unfalsifiable, and not scientific for that reason. One critic of intelligent design, Douglas H. Erwin, a paleobiologist at the Smithsonian Institution, told the New York Times: “One of the rules of science is, no miracles allowed. That’s a fundamental presumption of what we do.”

But a comparable criticism can also be leveled at Darwinism. If material causes only are admitted, and nothing exists in the universe but molecules in motion, then evolution must be true—a logical deduction from the premise of materialism. We are indubitably here, along with millions of other species, so how did we get here? Materialists have no choice but to accept that the molecules whirled themselves into extraordinarily complex, conscious beings.


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