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Boehner Camp--Skeptical of Blunt’s Optimism


From someone close to the Boehner operation, on the latest from the Blunt camp: “Their M.O. in this race has been that their strategic leaks have proven to be less than they claim to be. Our list shows that there is a very broad pool of undecided members. They’re a lot of members who people haven’t reached, who have been uncommitted, who want to talk to both members. Boehner released this plan today. Members are asking, ‘Where’s Roy’s plan?’ They want to know where this majority leader is going to go. Our numbers wouldn’t put it anywhere close to anyone being able to call themselves a frontrunner.”

More: “For the past several days we’ve had indications that a lot of the Texas delegation wants to go with Boehner. These delegations like to go one way or another [vote as a bloc], and so far Texas hasn’t decided which way to go. The alternative would be to set everyone free. If that happens, Boehner’s going to get a lot of those votes.”


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