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Boehner Response to Wt


From Boehner team:

John Boehner is committed to strengthening border security and immigration reform.

Boehner’s record on immigration is clear: more enforcement, tougher penalties, and control of our borders.

Boehner supports each of the provisions of the H.R. 4437 (which recently passed the House) that aim to strengthen enforcement and curb illegal immigration:

Ø Increased Penalties for Alien Smuggling

Ø Crackdown on Alien Gang Members

Ø Increased Penalties for Aliens re-entering Illegally

Ø Aggravated Felony Provisions

Ø Cooperation between Border Sheriffs and Federal Law Enforcement

Ø Increasing DHS Authority for Long-Term Detention

Ø Renewing DHS Authority to Use Reinstatement of Removal Process

Ø Barring Terrorist Aliens from Naturalization

Ø Deportation for DUI

Ø Establishing Operational Control of All Borders and Ports

Ø Eliminating the “Catch and Release” Practice

Ø Effectively Organizing the Border Security Agencies Within DHS

Ø Promoting International Policies to Deter Illegal Immigration

So what does John Boehner oppose? Massive new government mandates on the private sector.

Under the guise of securing our borders, H.R. 4437 includes a provision that gives the federal government authority to sign-off on every hiring decision in the country. Known as the “employment eligibility verification system,” employers will be required to “verify” the “eligibility” of ALL of their employees through this massive federal database.

“Federal bureaucrats will have Americans’ personal information at the touch of a button. This has ‘Big Brother’ written all over it,” said Boehner. “The vast majority of America’s several million employers are law abiding and should not be burdened with another cumbersome federal mandate. Forcing them each to REVERIFY the work authorization of ALL previously hired employees is impractical, unfair, and does little to combat the illegal immigration H.R. 4437 intends to address.”

Boehner joined other members in attempting to file an amendment to strike this huge mandate so he could vote for the bill, but was denied the opportunity.


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