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Crunchies in High Places?


Last year, Education Secretary Margaret Spellings came by to meet with the Dallas Morning News editorial board. She has described herself in various publications as an “Earth Mother Republican,” and you know what I was thinking. I gave her a galley copy of Crunchy Cons before she left. Now our well-mannered Education Secretary (who, I hope, chose not to read the chapter extolling homeschooling) has written me a nice thank-you note in which she inquires, “Are Earth Mother Republicans also Crunchy Cons?” To which I say: Shoot, yeah! Next time she comes through Dallas, Madame Secretary needs to come over to our place and eat some brisket bought from the fine crunchy-cons at Rehoboth Farms, a Christian livestock-farm family from East Texas who vote GOP and raise organic meat because they believe that’s how God intended us to husband animals.


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