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“Room Now For a Third Candidate”


A Republican strategist–who likes both Blunt and Boehner, but isn’t thrilled by the prospect of either becoming leader–has this to say (quoting roughly): “I think the Washington Post story hurt today. It looks like there’s room now for a third candidate. I think Shadegg will do it. There is a thought that there are 50 undecided votes, and they’re spread out [through the conference ideologically]. There’s no coherence to it. You know, they’re trying to push the election up–that should help Blunt. Time helps the challenger(s) here. The expected frontrunner, it kind of hurts him if there are 50 votes out there who don’t want to go with him, it kind of hurts Blunt. Yes, Shadegg would have a chance. If he got in the race, it might also open the door for another candidate–unlikely, but possible. There’s some grumbling that it should be all the leadership up for election, but I don’t think that goes anywhere.”


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