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A Gentle Caution


Reports of the demise of “Commander-in-Chief” may be greatly exaggerated. This isn’t based on any insider info, just experience in the TV business. “C-in-C” has been beset by production problems that have made it difficult for the network to keep a steady stream of original episodes going. Sometimes a network will put a show on the bench (a genuine “hiatus” rather than a euphemistic one) in order to let the producers catch up while not continuing to alienate viewers with too many repeats. Some may remember the unfortunate demise of “Moonlighting” years ago, almost entirely due to the audience’s frustration with incessant reruns. “Thirtysomething” had some of the same issues, I think. Anyway, “According to Jim” returns to the 9 PM hour next week (after also airing at 8 PM) with a hilarious (he said,
modestly) episode featuring guest star Erik Estrada, who, it should be pointed out, rules.


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