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Hi, I’m Looking For Directions to The Lion’s Den?


So the Upper School Director of a prominent Santa Monica private high school has asked me to appear at an assembly on current politics to represent the conservative point of view. That she had to cast her net so wide as to find me gives you an idea of just how liberal this school is — many noted entertainment industry people send their kids there. More than likely, I will be the only conservative in the room, if not the zip code. Meanwhile, representing the liberal point-of-view will be Jeff Berman, West Coast director for PFAW, Yale Law grad, and former aide to Chuck Schumer. Does anyone want a clock that’s been cleaned? Because I am guessing I will have one by mid-morning Wednesday. I am, it should be noted, not an opinion professional. I will be funnier than Mr. Berman, and, one assumes, taller, but I have a lot of studying to do between now and then to adequately rep our side. (I do have the benefit of being in the right.) My policy director, Chris the formerly annoying friend, will help prep me, but so far our best idea is to fly Ramesh out here and hope people believe he’s me.


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