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By The Skin of My Teeth


Yes, I survived the Crossfire at Crossroads. I was very lucky that Jeff Berman of PFAW was so gracious and (please, don’t tell Ralph) moderate. Jeff used to work for Chuck Schumer and put in a lot of time on the Patriot Act, and so stands by it pretty well. Jeff’s only real gasper was his assertion that the greatest threat facing our world is global warming–but he may have been playing to the exceptionally green children of privileged Santa Monica. I countered by casually mentioning that the Maserati gets almost 12 mpg when I lay it wide open on the freeway. (Not really, though the car did come up. Okay, I brought it up. Early.) What I kept hammering was the threat of Radical Islam and the choice between aggressive intelligence gathering and another 9/11. Thanks to Chris, Cheves and Andrew for helping me bone up, and especially Frank Gaffney, who told me more in an hour that I could read in a week.

Okay. Who else wants a piece of me?


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