The Joke of Turin

by John Podhoretz

Apropos Jonah’s post yesterday complaining about how the upcoming Olympics are being billed as the “Torino” Games, my paper’s peerless Page Six reports today:

“RIVAL networks are laughing at NBC for its decision to refer to Turin, Italy, where it is broadcasting the Winter Olympics, as “Torino.” “NBC apparently thinks using the Italian version of the city’s name is sexier and will somehow boost TV ratings of its Olympics coverage,” said radio producer Tom Somach. But yesterday, broadcasting from Milan, the “Today” show didn’t call the city Milano. “They also made mentions of Rome and Venice,” Somach noted. “Shouldn’t they be Roma and Venezia? And if they really want to be consistent, no more Italy. It’s Italia.” NBC Olympics honcho explained, “I was just swept away with how that sounded, ‘Torino.’ It just rolls off your mouth . . . It has a romanticism to it. And I just thought that that was a wonderful way to name these Games.”

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