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Missing March


So Britain’s Muslims are staging a mass protest over the cartoons.

Well, I can tell you how both the cartoons and the resulting fracas might have been avoided. After the London subway bombings, there was talk of a mass march by British Muslims to protest terrorism. It never happened. (I suspect because moderates were afraid of attacks by Islamists and/or an open split within the community.) Had Britain’s Muslims marched en masse against terror after the London bombings, I don’t think any of this would be happening now. Muslim extremists would have been cowed, or at least marked as unwelcome. Europeans would have felt less terrorized and more disposed to ally with moderate elements within the Muslim community. All that would have dissipated the atmosphere that led to those intentionally offensive cartoons. I’m no fan of those cartoons, but I certainly agree that the Muslim response has been vastly out of proportion, massively more dangerous and offensive than the cartoons themselves ever were. Had Britain’s Muslims taken the risk of marching en masse to protest the London bombings, they I don’t think they’d be marching en masse now to protest those cartoons.


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