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The Hopelessly P.C. American Bar Association


I had just finished shaking my head over the American Bar Association and the approval over the weekend–by its Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar–of a new standard that would deny law schools accreditation unless they demonstrate a commitment to “diversity” (i.e., quotas); the full House of Delegates will now vote on this in August. Then the mail came and I opened the latest issue of the Federalist Society’s invaluable ABA Watch, which noted other resolutions that the House was going to vote on over the weekend: urging Congress to create and fund a commission to study the present day effects of American slavery; urging Congress to pass legislation “to provide federal recognition and to restore self-determination to Native Hawaiians”; opposing legislation limiting same-sex-couple foster parents; etc. I called the Federalist Society and was informed that all had passed.


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