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Me, Lost, and Imdb


First of all, I don’t want to get too deep into the politics of Lost because it’s my home network and studio, and I should abstain. (But I do love the show, as many of you know.) Addressing one point: if Sayid’s character had been revealed to be an Saddam-trained torturer, rather than one inspired by Coalition forces, his character’s long-term “likability” might have been grievously damaged. I guess I am saying if you are going to do a story about where and when he learned to torture, that was about the only way to do it that wouldn’t make audiences hate him. I know I couldn’t root for a guy who used to do that, even if he mended his ways.

As for us all watching and talking about ABC, well, yeah. Certainly the most provocative, original programming on TV the last two years has been on ABC.

As for my IMDB page, I didn’t add that to my bio and I don’t know who did. IMDB entries can be edited by user suggestions. Sort of feels like someone was outing me, but my gut feeling is that it was done by a fan (of whom mine are legion).


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