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For what it’s worth, I talked to my folks down in Louisiana last night. They’re staunch Bush backers, and I’ve never heard a single disparaging word about the president come out of their mouth. Not about the conduct of the war, not about the domestic surveillance stuff, not about the spending. Nothing. But they are absolutely livid over this Dubai port thing. Mom works in the courthouse, and said one retiree came in yesterday–these are very conservative grassroots people, understand–saying that he was so angry over what he considered to be the president’s cockamamie betrayal of national security interests that he had to get out of the house before he put a brick through the TV from watching reports. I know, I know, it’s anecdotal, so take this for what it’s worth. But it’s interesting to me that Bush voters like these are reacting to the White House’s move with the same kind of unshirted anger and sense of betrayal that many conservative elites demonstrated over the Harriet Miers nomination.


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