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Guns and Butter


Speaking as a wacky foreigner, I say this whole Crunchy Con thing would be bewildering to any Continental. But isn’t it the case that the insane granola cult derives substantially from the Federalization of food in this great republic? USDA has taken the taste out of pretty much everything: compare a quart of milk bought in an American supermarket with a quart of milk bought in any other country.

Therefore, if there is an authentic conservative disposition to these granola junkies, oughtn’t it to be to get Big Government out of our food? I don’t think you should have to be a nancy-boy Crunchy Con to regard USDA as a disaster for the nation’s tastebuds. I want it all: guns and butter, semi-automatics and unpasteurized Camembert. When did Americans turn into cheese-surrendering eating monkeys? If Crunchy Cons aren’t just another self-regarding lifestyle pose, they should be arguing for getting the state out of the barnyard.

Sorry if that’s a rather obvious point, but it’s the best that I can do. I was hoping we could go back to when The Corner was mooning over the death of Joe Strummer of the Clash a couple of years back and claiming to have identified a new movement of “Punky Cons.” We easy-listening guys would love to get into a punch up over that.


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