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Giving Yale The Finger


As reported by John Fund of the Wall Street Journal, my friend Clint Taylor (Yale ‘96) has joined Debbie Bookstaber (Yale ‘00) in organizing a campaign to protest Yale’s admission of a former member of the Taliban, who has now petitioned the University to change his status from that of “special student” to that of a full undergraduate. Clint has asked me to let the readers of this happy Corner know that, Yale grads or not (and I most emphatically am not), we can all participate in the protest.

How? Why, Clint explains, by giving Yale the finger.

Clint provides a progress report on the protest here. And in this link he offers some personal ruminations about the poor little university that has lost its way, from which, this sample paragraph:

“How has Mr. Rahmatullah’s presence on campus affected Yale’s atmosphere of tolerant liberalism? Maybe they’ll finally get around to altering their ridiculous policy on co-ed bathrooms. They wouldn’t change it for me or for the group of Orthodox Jews known as the “Yale Five,” but then again neither the Yale Five nor I worked for regimes that chop fingers off women for wearing nail polish.”