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A Crunchy Call to Arms


E-mailer James exhorts me to weigh on the Crunchies:

“Have you been following this whole “crunchy con” thing? I know you like organic beef — I’m a regular Whole Foods customer too, they have some great stuff — but this thing has has gotten way out of hand.

Those of us lucky enough to make a lot of money need a spokesman, and I think you are it. Who says you can’t live “authentically” in a sprawling (but architecturally pleasing!) new house and drive a hot luxury car? Who says you can’t put God and family first and still admire the beauty of a Hi-Def 50 inch 1080 plasma? Don’t get me wrong, hand-made Amish quilts are lovely, but can they compare with TiVo?”

James, I do like grass-fed beef, as I wrote here. I was accused then of being Crunchy, and I suppose a few of my food opinions kind of line up with theirs, but I am way too attached to my local Target to qualify as a Crunchy. I have decided I am a Consumer Con, and I would elaborate on that further, but the UPS man is here with today’s delivery from Amazon. I don’t know what it is, because I order so often, which kind of makes it like getting presents. (One minute later…) Ahh, “Darwinian Fairytales” and “America’s Funniest Home Videos” on DVD. What a lovely day.


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