Blair Truths

by John O'Sullivan

On the Blair row, the sad truth is as follows: Andrew is right about Blair; Mark and Iain are right about the Tories; and Blair’s future will be decided by Labour MPs who are hostile to the PM not for the actions rightly condemned by Andrew but for those few actions (mainly Iraq) rightly praised by Mark and Iain. Further truths are even sadder. Despite occasional brilliant speeches, like his defense of his government’s Iraq policy yesterday, Blair has not been an effective spokesman for the Anglo-American alliance. He leaves it much weaker than he found it. It is very doubtful that Britain under any government would currently support another U.S. intervention like Iraq. The Tories, deeply feeble and appeasing towards New Labor’s illusions before Cameron, are embracing those illusions even more thoroughly under Cameron at the very moment when greater realism on the economy, public services and much else is breaking through. And though whatever government follows Blair will doubtless be worse as Mark and Iain argue, the man who has been in charge for eight years cannot entirely duck responsibility for that.

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