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Re: Dead Humor


I often wonder about that, Derb. I think I’ve written here before about the disaster that is viewing Blazing Saddles at age 42, after having wallowed in its glory at age 13. I think our memories tend to put a rosy glow around things we laugh at, and then in revisiting, the reality destroys the glow. I always cite “Bart the Genius” as one of my favorite Simpsons episodes, primarily because it was the first one I ever saw, and it just blew me away. In watching the DVDs with my kids, I notice that those first few episodes were pretty creaky in places. They didn’t really hit their stride for another season or so, but that’s not how I remembered it. So how much is the fault of memory, and how much is our own evolution in life? Is Sellers less funny, Derb, or are you?


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