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From a reader:

Peter: Liked your Corner piece on Lyn Nofziger. I noticed few people mentioned Lyn’s legal troubles after he left the WH, which is entirely appropriate at this time. But it got me to thinking: how many visible, ranking people in the Reagan administration weren’t prosecuted (or credibly threatened with prosecution), for their service? It’s a darned short list. Even Jim Baker was sent out of the WH on the arm of his lawyer in January 1993. (The Clinton passport file case.)

Lyn (and Bonnie too) spent all those years in the trenches with Reagan, enduring low government and campaign salaries simply because they believed in this man and the cause he represented. Then (much against his natural instincts, I’m sure), but determined to leave his wife and family with something more than a lot of memories, he went into the lobbying business. Needless to say, he was soon accused of “the appearance of impropriety” and found himself facing a judge. True, he insisted he had done nothing wrong and his conviction was overturned, but the ordeal cost him much money and a great deal of his reputation, not to mention mental anguish for himself and his family.

Yes, it all worked out pretty well in the end, but we must never forget the high human price the libs exacted for the Reagan Revolution.