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Socking It to Us


In his most recent column in the Chicago Sun-Times, Mark Steyn is at his zestful, gorgeous, truthful best:

“Jack Straw, the British foreign secretary, gave a typical Western government official’s speech the other day explaining that “a large number of Muslims in this country were — understandably — upset by those cartoons being reprinted across Europe and at their deeply held beliefs being insulted. They expressed their hurt and outrage but did so in a way which epitomized the learned, peaceful religion of Islam.”

“‘The learned, peaceful religion of Islam’? And that would be the guys marching through London with placards reading ‘BEHEAD THE ENEMIES OF ISLAM’ and ‘FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION IS WESTERN TERRORISM’ and promising to rain down a new Holocaust on Europe? This is geopolitics as the Aretha Franklin Doctrine: The more the world professes its R-E-S-P-E-C-T, the more the Islamists sock it to us….

“If this is a ‘long war,’ it needs a rhetoric that can go the distance. And the present line fails that test.”


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