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The Mets, Still Amazing


Warren Bell, a Mets fan? But of course he is! Warren, as I learned when NRO visited LA, grew up in the small upstate New York town of Apalachin; I, just up the road, in the only slightly bigger town of Vestal. In 1969, when I was in junior high (and Warren, I suppose, in grade school), the Mets came from nowhere to win the World Series. Listening to that series—each game was broadcast over the junior high intercom—was one of the most completely joyous events of my young life.

Warren is now a bigshot television producer who tools around Hollywood in a Maserati (when the Maserati isn’t in the shop, that is). But if, like me, he remembers the 1969 season—and why else would he be a Mets fan?—then part of him will always be a little kid who just can’t believe how good it felt—how deliriously and ecstatically wonderful—when the Mets won.


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