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From one reader:

“I had no interest in sports — participatory or spectator — until sixth grade . . . the fall of 1969.

“That’s when my public school principal (in Orange, CA) decreed that the ‘69 World Series would be played over the school PA system. With the games starting at 10 AM local time, I could hear most of the game at recesses and lunch. I was entranced; I was enthralled. Brooks Robinson; Tom Seaver; Boog Powell; Donn Clendenon. I have been a baseball fanatic — and an all-around sports fan — ever since.

“Playing the World Series over the school PA system — what a concept! It doesn’t happen anymore — primarily, because MLB makes more money when all the games are played at night; secondarily, because it would probably be politically incorrect.”

And from another:

“Dear Mr. Robinson,

I too am a Mets fan, always and forever, from that long ago autumn….

“It’s nice to know the Mets won the opener today. The pundits are saying the team looks good this year. All I know is I’ll be rooting for them, that’s for sure….

“Thanks for talking about how great that win was!”


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