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My Kind of Nun


From a reader–and by the way, Warren Bell, are you getting sweet emails like this one, too?

“When the World Series was played during the day, it was an annual ritual to smuggle transistor radios into our Catholic school. They were often confiscated. We’d get written up and have to stay after school.

“In fifth grade, we found a co-conspirator–our teacher, a nun who was as crazy about the game as we. She commandeered the lone TV in the entire school, enlisting the help of a janitor. She drew the shade on the classroom door and kept the volume down low.

“So instead of diagramming sentences or some such thing, we watched Game 4 of the 1966 series, Orioles v. Dodgers. It was the last game Sandy Koufax ever pitched.

“We didn’t realize it then, but baseball’s reign as America’s No. 1 sport was ending.

“Now I tell people much younger than me that there was a time when football and basketball were not that big of a deal. They were simply pleasant diversions until baseball season.

“They think I’m crazy.”