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A group called the Immigrant Solidarity Network is calling for “The Great American Boycott” on May 1, a “Nationwide General Immigrant Strike” including “No Work, No School, No Sales, and No Buying.” Which I guess is good news for my children’s grandfather, who came legally from Israel in 1963, and hasn’t taken a day off since. The group also calls for wearing white t-shirts as a show of solidarity, so i will have to remind my housekeeper, also a legal immigrant from El Salvador, to make sure my whitest white is clean and ready before she takes her day off in solidarity.

Joking aside, there is something kind of chilling about the website. At the top, there is a banner with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. — “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.” I would ask for people to send me suggestions of what that might mean, but I really don’t want to know.


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