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Re: Rick Monday


Last night I heard a radio interview with Monday, who is now a Dodger broadcaster. He vividly described this moment, from the article Jonah linked to.

“After the guys left, there was a buzz in the stands, people being aghast with what had taken place. Without being prompted, and I don’t know where it started, but people began to sing ‘God Bless America.’ When I reflect back upon it now, I still get goose bumps.”
I am paraphrasing here, but next the interviewer asked Monday what spurred him into action. Was it his patriotism, his training as a Marine, his natural instinct as an athlete? Monday talked about what makes a man pull over his car when he sees someone in trouble by the side of the road. And he said that America is a nation that pulls over and helps. He specifically related that idea to the invasion of Iraq, and he felt that he had been raised to believe that getting involved was what we do. Good man.


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