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The Colorblind New York Times


Front-page article in The New York Times today, “New York Killers, and Those Killed, by Numbers,” with an in-depth statistical analysis of the 1,662 murders in the New York City area over the past three years.

Well, maybe not so in-depth: I read the article and went to the related part of the Times’s website, and the only mentions of race are these two
snippets: “The offender and the victim were of the same race in more
than three-quarters of the killings,” and “Whites and Asians, who seldom murdered, were also infrequently killed: Together, they represented 75 or fewer victims each year.” (The first snippet was on page 1, but in the eighth paragraph; the second was in the seventeenth paragraph, on the jump-page.) Now, if my math is right, that means that at least 86 percent of the murder victims (and thus, if victim rates follow killer rates, about the same percentage of murderers) are black or Latino.

You know the old joke about the Times: When an atomic bomb is dropped on the city, the headline will read, “Bomb Dropped on New York City/Blacks, Latinos Suffer Most.” But apparently this is not the case for murder victims, at least if it would also require reporting that the overwhelming majority of murderers are also black or Latino.

According to Wikipedia, by the way, here are the City’s demographics as of 2004: “The racial makeup of the city was 44.66% White, 26.59% Black or African American, 0.52% Native American, 9.83% Asian, 0.07% Pacific Islander, 13.42% from other races, and 4.92% from two or more races.
Hispanic or Latino of any race were 26.98% of the population.” So we wouldn’t expect the majority of those murdered and murdering to be white or Asian, but we would expect it to be more than 14 percent.

My point is that the Times is hypocritical in when it emphasizes race in its reporting and when it doesn’t, and that, in its zeal to hide politically incorrect facts, it also hides the fact that the brunt of brutal crime is borne by, of course, Latinos and African Americans.


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